eBook Now Available in Japanese!!


ebook now available in Japanese 




I’m an actress, acting coach and author in Los Angeles.

I felt compelled to write this book and share these tips & stories due to my experiences with my coaching clients.


Most acting schools & theatre programs teach the craft of acting, but they do not cover the “business” of acting. I wish I had this book when I was starting out! 






USA: http://amzn.to/1O7yVX0


Break A Leg!

eBook Now Available in SPANISH

( eBook now available in Spanish )

ebook ahora availalable en español 

( Book Review, “A Must Read On Actor Lists” )
Reseña del libro, “una lectura obligada en cualquier Lista de los actores”

Reseña del libro, “A debe leer en las listas Actor”

Consejos de negocios para los aspirantes a actores que quieren mudarse a Hollywood
-Amazon USA English (eBook & paperback)http://amzn.to/1MigmKN
-Amazon USA (eBook Spanish Version)http://amzn.to/1L2ITEU
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New Book Review for Goodreads, Amazon….



Happy Friday everyone!

I hope everyone had a fantastic week. I am happy to share a new book review with you.

As always if you’re interested in reading my book and would like to see the reviews first, you can take a look on Amazon, GoodReads and my facebook page (below).

Reviews are a special insight into the mind of the reader and I’m always amazed how much I learn from their perspective. Things I didn’t see myself.

If any current working actors or aspiring actors ever have a question, please feel free to post it to my blog.  I will respond.

As a friendly reminder, I am an actor  however I am also an Acting Coach and Career Coach for actors & performers.

The book subjects and subject matter are inspired by my own personal experiences and those of my coaching clients. And believe it or not, no matter how long I have worked with some of them, questions always arise. And sometimes it’s the same question recycled. 🙂   And that’s okay too.

Anyone in this business must wear many hats. It’s truly a necessity. And luckily for me I am never bored or have an abundance of free time. I’m always busy. There are always things to do for myself or for my career. And I talk about that in the book in terms of Keeping Yourselves Busy.

This week was a mix of everything. The yin and yang of life that I discuss in a previous blog which included 2 VO self-tape auditions submitted. Yay!

Last week I had a self-tape audition  and one the week before that.

I’m in Houston focusing on my next book on a writing hiatus, however, I am first and foremost an actor. I never stop. At the same time, I am in daily communication with my coaching clients.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am thankful that I was able to take this time to focus on my writing and when I return to LA ASAP, my plan is to never put my own personal goals to the side while I help others.

I will do my best to take care of others while not forgetting myself and my own personal and professional goals.

I am so looking forward to my return. And at the same time, this time has been invaluable and I am very fortunate and grateful.

Please take a look at my book reviews & take a look at my book.  I think you will enjoy the journey.

Break A Leg!




Fame versus Career


Hello everyone!

Today will be a quick little blog and note.

In this day & age of reality TV, it’s difficult to find actors who truly want to ACT.

There are 1000s (probably closer to millions) that seek out fame, red carpets and awards season swag.

But what is their end game?

I realize it’s a bit confusing to new and aspiring actors because we’re also now told that Social Media is as important as talent.

I have seen casting breakdowns where they bluntly say, do not even think of submitting unless you have a million followers.


You still need to do the work and the study.

It simply adds another layer to your “To Do List”. That’s all.

So hang in there. Do the work, study, have your professional tools (headshots, resume & reel) good-to-go and produce your own content, when/if you’re able to.

Please never forget this is a business.


Seek out and focus on longevity and a career, not fame.

Break A Leg!


-Amazon  (eBook & paperback)      http://amzn.to/1MigmKN
-Amazon  (eBook Spanish Version) http://amzn.to/1L2ITEU

VictimHood & Outrage


Did everyone hear or see all the fuss and buzz about Meryl Streep’s new movie and the campaign they did with the  alleged “offensive” t-shirts?

She is starring as Emmeline Pankhurst in “Suffragette” which is based on the early feminist movement.

First, I love Meryl Streep. Love her. Worship at the altar of Meryl and her talent.

Was it a poor choice to wear those t-shirts which compared women’s suffrage to slavery?

Would it have been better received if the quotation on the shirt was actually in quotes?

Who knows?

They are quoting a woman who in fact said those words within the realm and plight of women’s suffrage.

It’s part of our history.

People are saying that they should not be comparing women’s suffrage to slavery and on and on and freaking on.

Okay I may ruffle some feathers with what I’m about to say, but I’m going to say it.

Can everyone please STOP with the victimhood and false outrage?

This whole Victim Competition is really on my last nerve.

No, I am more oppressed. No, you’re not more oppressed than I am!!

It’s like a schoolyard argument between 3rd graders.

Why can’t they both be right and both tell their stories? Why does it have to be one or the other?

And let’s be real shall we. It’s not a coincidence that everyone is suddenly talking about gender inequality while the shadiest woman on the planet is running for president.

Those same individuals do not care about her credentials, experience, track record or her own War on Women. Especially when those women were involved with her husband. They don’t care that she never paid the women on her  Senate staff the same as the men.

They don’t care that the Clinton Foundation readily took boatloads of money from nations who enslave women.

An Inconvenient Truth?

They are not concerned with the content of that woman’s character. All they care about is her gender.

And as a woman, that is just sad to me. It’s tragic. That’s what you fought for?

And by the way, the USA (or UK in this case) does not own the concept, term or history of slavery. Far from it. Greeks, Romans, Asians, Portuguese, Persians, Irish, etc etc etc  and it’s still happening in Africa. Blacks owning blacks. Just as blacks owned other blacks in the USA.

In 2015 when slavery still exists in other countries and women are sex slaves, raped, crucified and beheaded in other countries…can we please keep it all in perspective?

I’m Assyrian. A Christian from the Middle-East. Some family members believe we have some Armenian and some Lebanese…it depends on who you speak to and I swear to you it has changed in my lifetime. And you can’t exactly get a lot of info from http://www.ancestry.com, M-K?

We are Christians from the Middle-East. And they’re being slaughtered. And no one wants to talk about it and I am not going there right now.

Speaking of going there, let me say, I’ve never been to the Middle-East. And it’s sad that I have never had an inclination to go in my lifetime. Why would I? I’m an outspoken woman and a Christian so I’m quite confident I would never make it out alive. My mother thanks god every day that her parents had the foresight to get her out of there. Who knows what would have happened to my mother and her family if they had stayed.

I’m not bringing that up to join in on the victim bandwagon and throw down a trump card. I just think they all sound ridiculous. On the daily.

I have no problem with historical films.  I’m an actor, a writer and a movie fan to my core. I want to see ALL of it!

But this sophomoric and petty crap has worn out its welcome.

These outrage competitions sound like a bunch of unappreciative petulant children.

Lets tell those stories of our past with passion and also understanding & appreciation of how far we have come!!

The irony to me is that the individuals fighting one another about this are the SAME ones who love to ban words and phrases and subjects because it’s deemed politically incorrect. They regularly ban certain phrases and words because someone might be offended.

Just like that bozo that told me I had to change my book cover, because it offended HIM.

Do you think that bozo who feigned outrage at my cover protests the treatment of homosexuals by Islam?

They’re concerned with a phrase, label or word but they do not seem concerned with facts.

You can’t say this, you can’t say that.

That’s the funny thing about Free Speech.

Once you start abandoning it, when does it stop? Sure, let’s not learn from history AT ALL.

Let’s start with the banning of words and phrases. And then we will ban books that we don’t agree with. And then we will be BURNING those books.

Sound familiar?

We’re supposed to learn from history and learn from past mistakes. But I am sorry to say we’re regressing and going backwards.

I don’t believe in coincidences. The marketing team for this film probably knew they would turn some heads with those t-shirts.

And we all took the bait.

At the same time, I said it before and I’ll say it again…this was a quote from one of the leaders of the women’s suffrage moment in the UK. She said it.

And I do not believe in censorship.

#1 Complaint from Agents and Managers

The #1 complaint from agents and managers

You take your sweet ole time to confirm your audition. Yes, you read that  correctly. Agents and managers send a text, email the audition info and also forward the Cmail to you and…(cue crickets chirping).

You obviously think your reps have a lot of free time to have to check in with you, several times using several mediums.

There are actors out there reading this who do not have an agent and they’re saying, whhhaaaaaaaaa?

And who can blame them for that response?

Actors make the trek out to LA and NYC to pursue their DREAM. They arrive gung-ho. They can’t wait. They’re coming out of their skin they’re so excited. I remember. That’s how I was when I started (and I still am!!).

The biggest misconception that a lot of actors hold is that…once I get an agent everything will be A-okay.

Having an agent is GREAT and it’s essential, but it does not mean that your work stops.

Those that take their sweet time confirming and those that don’t take the time to staple their resume to their headshot (a CD just posted about this)…they have a bigger problem.

They do not have a healthy WORK ETHIC.

I have coaching clients and I see this from them all the time. Lazy. Unmotivated.

And I hear it from their reps. Their reps reach out to me and say, hey, I need this from them or I need that from them.

It’s my job to keep them on-track but at the same time, how many times should I have to tell them to do the same thing?


Do You Have An Agent and/or Manager?:
*Do you have any idea how hard your reps are working for you?

*And when is the last time you booked something that put money in their pocket?

I don’t care whether you’re an actor, singer, dancer or rocket scientist…Lazy will get you nowhere.

And those that are working on your behalf will lose their mojo for you and quick!

But if you choose to not recognize a bit of this in yourself and do not seek to make those changes & adjustments.

That’s okay, the rest of us will bring our A-Game each and every time…and book book book!

Break A Leg!!

“ACTING…It’s Not For Sissies”

Don’t Be Afraid To Say No & Take A Time-Out



I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend and doing something fun.

I have decided to take a mental break from “the grind” this weekend. Ommmmmmmmmmmmmm

With that being said my version of “taking it easy” probably isn’t the same as others. I guarantee you there will still be work accomplished.

Okay, I will simply take it down a notch. I have to work on relaxing. Hello, I’m Nicole and I’m a workaholic. I’ll put relaxing on the To-Do List. 🙂

My family of course finds it funny that I say I’m “busy”. Like most families and people with a 9-5, they think if you’re not sitting in a cubicle all day long you must be on vacation. 🙂

Even though I have worked from home for 15 years!!

Well, I have been busy working non-stop for months. Writing my book, publishing my book, marketing my book…all the while working with my LA coaching clients daily, working on my screenplays and auditioning while in Houston.

It was not an easy decision to take a time out from LA & refocus my energies, albeit temporarily.

But sometimes in life it’s okay to say, okay, wait a minute. I’m spread thin and I cannot possibly accomplish everything I want to and need to all at the same time.

It was one of the most difficult and yet smartest decisions I ever made.

I was at a point that I realized in every area of my life it was about someone else.  And my needs and goals were not being met. I was working as a property manager, acting coach and of course, actress and writer.

Acting is always #1 for me. Always and forever. But it started to feel as though there were not enough hours in the day to accomplish all of my creative goals. I have a lot of stories to tell. And I plan to tell them.


I’m a giving person. I love using my skills to help others. I did it previously with my party staffing company & I currently use those skills to help my coaching clients.

But guess what? There will always be those that take advantage. I give and give and give and then finally say, okay, the party’s over.

I talk about this a bit in my book. This realization may come with age, but it’s okay for you to say no to people. If they truly respect you and their motives are genuine, they will understand.

Coming to that point of knowing and realization also put a glaring spotlight on the unhealthy relationships in my life.

It doesn’t matter what city you live in or what industry you work, we all have those people in our lives.

We become comfortable in the dysfunction. Well, that dysfunction is weighing you down.

As I stated in my book, “I am urging you to look closely at the people you surround yourself with, take inventory and perhaps clean house a bit”. 

There is no feeling like it! The timing all came together at the same time. Flush the toxins and set out on a new journey.

Truthfully, there is no perfect scenario pour moi. No such thing.

When I’m in LA full-time, I miss my family and all of their daily happenings.

While in Houston, as busy as I am, I miss all the happenings in LA. I really miss my friends & I miss all those auditions!

I am asked pretty frequently by my LA friends and others, “hey, when are you comin’ back?” 🙂

My whole life is in LA: friends, work & all my stuff!  Not to mention the ocean, hills & mountains. I do miss it, I must say.

At the same time, I am a woman on a mission. I have some goals I wish to complete and then I’ll be back before you can say Callback!

I am enjoying auditioning in the local markets in the South. It’s a different animal. Some familiar faces and I love meeting new casting people! And I’ve come to really love self-taping auditions. If you know me and my lack of technical prowess, that’s really somethin’. 🙂 Every opportunity is always appreciated.

It’s all good news.

My tip to you and the point of this sharing is: If you’re feeling overwhelmed and over-worked, don’t be afraid to say, hey, I need a time out. And don’t be afraid to say no to the “takers” in your life.

I promise your life, work and relationships will benefit immensely.

And to my friends in LA, See you soon!! xo

Break A Leg!


“ACTING…It’s Not For Sissies”



Bookstore Locations, Availability & Updates


Hello everyone. Thank you for taking a look at my new book.

A sequel to this one is in the works. I am continuing to utilize examples and experiences with my coaching clients as inspiration as well as the questions and comments I receive on the regular from actors.

Please follow this blog & always feel free to post questions. I would be happy to assist and if it’s not something I’ve heard before, it just might make it into the next book.

Below are bookstore locations and the Amazon link to view and purchase the book.

If you have a favorite local bookstore that you love to support (or your college bookstore) you may simply ask that they order it for you.

Happy Week & Break a leg!!

“ACTING...It’s Not For Sissies”


ENGLISH eBook & Paperback:  http://amzn.to/1MigmKN


eBook in SPANISH: http://amzn.to/1L2ITEU

SPANISH Paperback: http://www.amazon.com/dp/152279994X

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1201 3rd Street Promenade, SANTA MONICA, CA 90401

150 East 86th Street (& Lexington Ave) NEW YORK, NY 10028

7610 Hazard Center Dr. Ste. 315 SAN DIEGO, CA 92108

THE GROVE 189 The Grove Dr K 30, LOS ANGELES, CA 90036


(Texas Locations)

1201 Lake Woodlands Dr. The Woodlands, TX 77381

5656 Fairmont Pkwy Pasadena, TX 77505

11200 Broadway St Unit 500, Pearland, TX 77584

10000 Research Blvd #158, Austin, TX 78759


SMU 3060 Mockingbird Lane Dallas, Texas 75205

Texas Tech University 17th and Boston Lubbock, TX 79409

New Book Review (a rave!!) !! And my response & follow-up thoughts :)



Hey Peeps!

Please check out this new review of my book. I am very pleased to receive a 5-star review and he felt that the book is not just for aspiring actors but anyone venturing into the unknown as an entrepreneur of sorts.

It’s very gratifying as a writer to have the reader get you and more importantly get something from your writing.

He did say he has a bone to pick with me in regards to my thoughts and feelings about doing non-equity theatre in LA. 🙂

I respect and understand where he and his sister (and avid theatre participant) are coming from.

What I do reiterate in that particular chapter over and over is that this is a subject and discussion to have with your representatives (manager and/or agents). If they’re on-board, great!

If your career is focused on theatre, you should honestly be in NYC. I’m not saying you cannot do theatre in LA, but you must simply understand the barriers.

If you focus your energies on theatre, you should not be surprised if you’re not seeing results with TV/film/commercials. And most importantly, no matter what be sure that any theatre activity does not prevent you from auditioning and working on commercials/film/TV projects.

Talk to your agent. They’re working very hard on your behalf and you need to be available to them for paying gigs.

My book is focused on you WORKING as an actor in film/TV/commercials.

Actors often cling to exceptions and gray areas. They often cling to best case scenarios and worst case scenarios…I want you focused on MOST case scenarios to increase your chances of working.

You either want to flip the switch on your career or you don’t. You have the power!

It’s all about stepping back and putting yourself in the mind of  casting, producers and your representatives.

If/when you increase your  understanding of how they work and how they think…you’re one step ahead of the game!!

Go forth and break a leg!

Nicole Comer

I was interviewed for The Houston Chronicle Blog Page



Hello peeps!

I’m happy to tell you that I was interviewed by the Media Relations department of the University of Houston, my Alma Mater. This writer is a regular contributor to the blog page for the Houston Chronicle and his articles are specifically about U of H alums in the arts.

The writer was quite gracious in showing interest in my new book & his interview and article is much appreciated. 

I did want to reiterate something that I tell my coaching clients ALL the time…acting is a marathon, not a sprint.

Although the title of the article talks about being a screen star and such titles make for  a nice splash, I am all about longevity in the business and seeking a career versus stardom. And that is a belief that I relay to my clients over and over and over.

You must not seek fame and a get-rich-quick scheme. If you’re going to be in this business you must have a thick-skin, LOVE it and be in it for that long haul.

With that being said, please read & feel free to comment and ask any follow-up questions.

Happy Week  To Everyone!

Break a leg!

Nicole Comer

“ACTING...It’s Not For Sissies”
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5656 Fairmont Pkwy Pasadena, TX 77505

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SMU 3060 Mockingbird Lane Dallas, Texas 75205

Texas Tech University 17th and Boston Lubbock, TX 79409