UGA Professor Banned My Book…accused me of hate speech & being a bully…because of the cover


I will not post this professor’s name or email to me. However, I will tell you how I responded to the UGA professor that suggested I change the cover of my book, because it was hate speech toward the homosexual community and that I was a bully.

HERE was my response:


While I appreciate you taking the time to check out my book, I do not appreciate or deserve being accused of hate speech and being called a bully.

No, I will not be changing my book title and cover. I don’t believe in censorship. And you’re not speaking to one of your students, so please save the lecture.

My career, while also being an actress, has been about helping other actors to succeed. I did it for years as a business owner giving actors part-time/contract work. And before I started coaching professionally, I helped out my friends and actors for free and continue to do so.

Actors want to know what I know and they appreciate the help, the tips and the boost to their careers.

You should be really careful about attacking people personally and making assumptions. You made a choice to be offended. That’s on you.

And the term bully has been so overused and hijacked that it has lost its meaning. Shame on you!

My title and my book have absolutely nothing to do with the homosexual community. But you know that. Any educated adult with common sense knows that. Forgive me if I don’t jump on your looking-to-be-offended bandwagon.

It is a term that has been around since the 19th century. Did it have several meanings? Yes. And gay used to mean happy. 

You mentioned that my title says that acting is not for “you”? Are you saying you’re a sissy? Again, you’re choosing to see yourself in that.  That’s a choice. And that has nothing to do with my book or its contents.  I suggest therapy.

I live in Los Angeles, do you think I don’t have gay people in my life? My book has been endorsed and very well-received.

I had hoped to share it with your students.

While I respect your choice, I do not respect your tactics and personal attacks.

It’s incredibly disappointing that someone who teaches college-age students would be so close-minded.

My best to your students.

Break a leg!

**He of course missed the entire point and purpose of my book cover and title.

If you’re going to pursue acting (or any career in the entertainment industry) you had better be thick-skinned.

He actually needs my book*** 🙂