Happy New Year Actors!


Happy New Year everyone!

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday season with family and friends. It went by quickly didn’t it?

Well, now it’s time to get busy. Again!

This is a great time to go through your Actor’s Access profile and see if you can make your resume and special skills more specific with great key words.

Additionally, I think you should go through your last photoshoot and pick out a few pics you haven’t used and upload those to your profile.

This will give your agent some new options. Especially if you felt you did not get enough auditions last year.

I suggest picking a look totally different from your “usual suspect” headshots.

Embrace a NEW you.

Why not?

Focusing on my writing has been an enlightening process for me and my “type”.

I’m not as active as I used to be, so my face is a bit fuller. What?!

It’s true.

Actually, all of me is a bit fuller. M-K?

I shot a webseries last year. Always great to work. I saw the finished product and was like….who the hell is that?!


I noticed jowls and lines and things I had not seen before.

Does age & weight make you more interesting? I’ll get back to you on that. LOL

Well, I was hired to play a “character”. It’s not about me. It’s not about you. You’re a product.

It can be frustrating when it doesn’t fit your usual “brand”, but that’s ok.

It was a great experience and it showed me, hmmm, well, perhaps that isn’t my best side? I need to work on this and I need to work on that. 


Working is always the goal! Am I right?

And I’ll start on the New Me… Now.


I took a first step and changed my hair color a bit.


Now it’s your turn. 

Ready-Set-Go !



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