Fame versus Career


Hello everyone!

Today will be a quick little blog and note.

In this day & age of reality TV, it’s difficult to find actors who truly want to ACT.

There are 1000s (probably closer to millions) that seek out fame, red carpets and awards season swag.

But what is their end game?

I realize it’s a bit confusing to new and aspiring actors because we’re also now told that Social Media is as important as talent.

I have seen casting breakdowns where they bluntly say, do not even think of submitting unless you have a million followers.


You still need to do the work and the study.

It simply adds another layer to your “To Do List”. That’s all.

So hang in there. Do the work, study, have your professional tools (headshots, resume & reel) good-to-go and produce your own content, when/if you’re able to.

Please never forget this is a business.


Seek out and focus on longevity and a career, not fame.

Break A Leg!


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