#1 Complaint from Agents and Managers

The #1 complaint from agents and managers

You take your sweet ole time to confirm your audition. Yes, you read that  correctly. Agents and managers send a text, email the audition info and also forward the Cmail to you and…(cue crickets chirping).

You obviously think your reps have a lot of free time to have to check in with you, several times using several mediums.

There are actors out there reading this who do not have an agent and they’re saying, whhhaaaaaaaaa?

And who can blame them for that response?

Actors make the trek out to LA and NYC to pursue their DREAM. They arrive gung-ho. They can’t wait. They’re coming out of their skin they’re so excited. I remember. That’s how I was when I started (and I still am!!).

The biggest misconception that a lot of actors hold is that…once I get an agent everything will be A-okay.

Having an agent is GREAT and it’s essential, but it does not mean that your work stops.

Those that take their sweet time confirming and those that don’t take the time to staple their resume to their headshot (a CD just posted about this)…they have a bigger problem.

They do not have a healthy WORK ETHIC.

I have coaching clients and I see this from them all the time. Lazy. Unmotivated.

And I hear it from their reps. Their reps reach out to me and say, hey, I need this from them or I need that from them.

It’s my job to keep them on-track but at the same time, how many times should I have to tell them to do the same thing?


Do You Have An Agent and/or Manager?:
*Do you have any idea how hard your reps are working for you?

*And when is the last time you booked something that put money in their pocket?

I don’t care whether you’re an actor, singer, dancer or rocket scientist…Lazy will get you nowhere.

And those that are working on your behalf will lose their mojo for you and quick!

But if you choose to not recognize a bit of this in yourself and do not seek to make those changes & adjustments.

That’s okay, the rest of us will bring our A-Game each and every time…and book book book!

Break A Leg!!

“ACTING…It’s Not For Sissies”

3 thoughts on “#1 Complaint from Agents and Managers

    • Correct. Actors should always keep creatively busy. However if they’re looking to get into tv/film I suggest my clients focus on THOSE goals and be sure they’re studied and coached for those mediums. In the meantime, creating their own content is a fantastic expression that keeps your creative juices flowing


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