New Book Review (a rave!!) !! And my response & follow-up thoughts :)


Hey Peeps!

Please check out this new review of my book. I am very pleased to receive a 5-star review and he felt that the book is not just for aspiring actors but anyone venturing into the unknown as an entrepreneur of sorts.

It’s very gratifying as a writer to have the reader get you and more importantly get something from your writing.

He did say he has a bone to pick with me in regards to my thoughts and feelings about doing non-equity theatre in LA. đŸ™‚

I respect and understand where he and his sister (and avid theatre participant) are coming from.

What I do reiterate in that particular chapter over and over is that this is a subject and discussion to have with your representatives (manager and/or agents). If they’re on-board, great!

If your career is focused on theatre, you should honestly be in NYC. I’m not saying you cannot do theatre in LA, but you must simply understand the barriers.

If you focus your energies on theatre, you should not be surprised if you’re not seeing results with TV/film/commercials. And most importantly, no matter what be sure that any theatre activity does not prevent you from auditioning and working on commercials/film/TV projects.

Talk to your agent. They’re working very hard on your behalf and you need to be available to them for paying gigs.

My book is focused on you WORKING as an actor in film/TV/commercials.

Actors often cling to exceptions and gray areas. They often cling to best case scenarios and worst case scenarios…I want you focused on MOST case scenarios to increase your chances of working.

You either want to flip the switch on your career or you don’t. You have the power!

It’s all about stepping back and putting yourself in the mind of  casting, producers and your representatives.

If/when you increase your  understanding of how they work and how they think…you’re one step ahead of the game!!

Go forth and break a leg!

Nicole Comer


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