The Yin & Yang of Life


The Yin & Yang of Life


I don’t know about you, but I see examples of this all the time, today in particular.

I woke up today and my left knee that has been kinda killing me…would not bend. Good lord!

The treadmill was on my agenda today, so now what?

I must have done something, because it has been stiff and a bit swollen all week. But I tend to ignore that stuff and keep it movin’.

Well me keeping it moving and ignoring it led to me waking up to a wonky knee. DOH

I limped into the living room and landed at my Command Center. My Command Center consists of my laptop, the remote, my cell, Advil, a bottle of water, eye drops and Carmex. Oh and countless notebooks and notepads. It’s quite a set-up. Thank goodness for a large coffee table!

I have been marketing my book, speaking with people, meeting with people, sending out press releases. You name it, I’ve been doing it.

Meanwhile, also doing all my other usual jazz which includes the treadmill (usually), self-submitting for acting work and writing the sequel to this one!

I always check my email first and I received 3 (out of 100s) emails from people saying look, I don’t care about your book, please remove me, unsubscribe me and essentially enough already.

Whenever they say that I am always tempted to respond and say, “so, did you read it? What did ya think?”

No, I don’t think that would have gone over too well. Nope. I apologized and assured them that they have been removed from my list.

But get a load of this!

What I also received was a fabulous response from the Media Relations office of my Alma Mater.  They wanted to interview me (and did!) for their university blog. Well, how do you like that? Very nice!

I will post that once it’s up!

And another response was a college requesting a copy of my book because they are considering using it as part of their curriculum. How do you like that?

See…that’s how life works.

2 great things and 1 wonky knee

Keep it moving!


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