Happy Monday everyone!


Happy Monday everyone!

How was everyone’s weekend? I was busy busy busy with a lot of the usual stuff.

And…I had a self-taped audition due this morning, so I had to get on that. It was the best feeling to complete it, edit and send it off to my

I’m on a bit of a hiatus to focus on my writing, but I’m always pursuing acting. Always and forever. And I’m thankful for every opportunity.

I’m focused on my goals right now, while I try to not get so wrapped up in work that I lose sight of the happenings around me.

*A good friend’s daughter gave birth to her grandson over the weekend. Yay!

*Another friend is working on a TV set today. Wa hooo

*And yet another good friend has a show opening up with some fabulous previews posted online.

I love when my friends do well! I sincerely do. I like to be around happy, healthy and successful people. It brings me UP, not down.

Not everyone is like that and certainly not every actor you will run across in LA or other places.

I talk about this topic in my book under the chapter of “Misery Loves Company”. Some people like you right where you are and I have never understood them. I see it on the daily whether in person, at auditions, class, workshops or online groups.

I should say, I understand them, they’re incredibly insecure and unhappy individuals. But I do not relate to them.

When we were young and imagining our life as an adult, did we imagine ourselves on top of the world while our friends and family members struggled? Of course not!

We imagined one big-ass party, right?!   Career triumphs, marriages, kids, successes…together!

When I daydream about that day I win the lottery (ahem), do I imagine being by myself at the spa and power shopping? No way!!

I imagine showering my friends and family with fun and presents!

So, while I wait for that winning ticket, I’ll enjoy the ride.

Let’s go!


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