New Book Review (a rave!!) !! And my response & follow-up thoughts :)


Hey Peeps!

Please check out this new review of my book. I am very pleased to receive a 5-star review and he felt that the book is not just for aspiring actors but anyone venturing into the unknown as an entrepreneur of sorts.

It’s very gratifying as a writer to have the reader get you and more importantly get something from your writing.

He did say he has a bone to pick with me in regards to my thoughts and feelings about doing non-equity theatre in LA. 🙂

I respect and understand where he and his sister (and avid theatre participant) are coming from.

What I do reiterate in that particular chapter over and over is that this is a subject and discussion to have with your representatives (manager and/or agents). If they’re on-board, great!

If your career is focused on theatre, you should honestly be in NYC. I’m not saying you cannot do theatre in LA, but you must simply understand the barriers.

If you focus your energies on theatre, you should not be surprised if you’re not seeing results with TV/film/commercials. And most importantly, no matter what be sure that any theatre activity does not prevent you from auditioning and working on commercials/film/TV projects.

Talk to your agent. They’re working very hard on your behalf and you need to be available to them for paying gigs.

My book is focused on you WORKING as an actor in film/TV/commercials.

Actors often cling to exceptions and gray areas. They often cling to best case scenarios and worst case scenarios…I want you focused on MOST case scenarios to increase your chances of working.

You either want to flip the switch on your career or you don’t. You have the power!

It’s all about stepping back and putting yourself in the mind of  casting, producers and your representatives.

If/when you increase your  understanding of how they work and how they think…you’re one step ahead of the game!!

Go forth and break a leg!

Nicole Comer

I was interviewed for The Houston Chronicle Blog Page


Hello peeps!

I’m happy to tell you that I was interviewed by the Media Relations department of the University of Houston, my Alma Mater. This writer is a regular contributor to the blog page for the Houston Chronicle and his articles are specifically about U of H alums in the arts.

The writer was quite gracious in showing interest in my new book & his interview and article is much appreciated. 

I did want to reiterate something that I tell my coaching clients ALL the time…acting is a marathon, not a sprint.

Although the title of the article talks about being a screen star and such titles make for  a nice splash, I am all about longevity in the business and seeking a career versus stardom. And that is a belief that I relay to my clients over and over and over.

You must not seek fame and a get-rich-quick scheme. If you’re going to be in this business you must have a thick-skin, LOVE it and be in it for that long haul.

With that being said, please read & feel free to comment and ask any follow-up questions.

Happy Week  To Everyone!

Break a leg!

Nicole Comer

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The Yin & Yang of Life


The Yin & Yang of Life


I don’t know about you, but I see examples of this all the time, today in particular.

I woke up today and my left knee that has been kinda killing me…would not bend. Good lord!

The treadmill was on my agenda today, so now what?

I must have done something, because it has been stiff and a bit swollen all week. But I tend to ignore that stuff and keep it movin’.

Well me keeping it moving and ignoring it led to me waking up to a wonky knee. DOH

I limped into the living room and landed at my Command Center. My Command Center consists of my laptop, the remote, my cell, Advil, a bottle of water, eye drops and Carmex. Oh and countless notebooks and notepads. It’s quite a set-up. Thank goodness for a large coffee table!

I have been marketing my book, speaking with people, meeting with people, sending out press releases. You name it, I’ve been doing it.

Meanwhile, also doing all my other usual jazz which includes the treadmill (usually), self-submitting for acting work and writing the sequel to this one!

I always check my email first and I received 3 (out of 100s) emails from people saying look, I don’t care about your book, please remove me, unsubscribe me and essentially enough already.

Whenever they say that I am always tempted to respond and say, “so, did you read it? What did ya think?”

No, I don’t think that would have gone over too well. Nope. I apologized and assured them that they have been removed from my list.

But get a load of this!

What I also received was a fabulous response from the Media Relations office of my Alma Mater.  They wanted to interview me (and did!) for their university blog. Well, how do you like that? Very nice!

I will post that once it’s up!

And another response was a college requesting a copy of my book because they are considering using it as part of their curriculum. How do you like that?

See…that’s how life works.

2 great things and 1 wonky knee

Keep it moving!

Happy Hump Day…Book Updates


Happy Hump Day everyone!

Thank you for the support for my book. It has been very well-received, and not just by family and friends. 🙂 (wink wink)

For those that don’t know me, I am an actress, writer and acting/career coach out of Los Angeles and Houston.

I felt compelled to share these tips & stories due to my experiences with my coaching clients and the issues and questions that came up.

Here are some updates:
My book, “ACTING…It’s Not For Sissies” is coming soon to the Barnes and Noble in AUSTIN at 10000 Research Blvd #158, Austin, TX 78759

It is now available at local Barnes and Noble stores in the HOUSTON area including:
-The Woodlands 1201 Lake Woodlands Dr. The Woodlands, TX 77381
-Pearland 11200 Broadway St Unit 500, Pearland, TX 77584

-Pasadena 5656 Fairmont Pkwy Pasadena, TX 77505

…more stores to come!

If you’re in LOS ANGELES
-It is available at Samuel French Bookshop 7623 Sunset Blvd Hollywood, CA 90046
-Coming soon to the Barnes & Noble 1201 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica, CA 90401
Barnes & Noble 150 East 86th Street (& Lexington Ave) New York, NY 10028
Like to shop online?
Please check it out on Amazon.

Or if you have a favorite local bookstore you like to support, you can ask them to order it for you.

Break a leg!
Happy Week!

UGA Professor Banned My Book…accused me of hate speech & being a bully…because of the cover


I will not post this professor’s name or email to me. However, I will tell you how I responded to the UGA professor that suggested I change the cover of my book, because it was hate speech toward the homosexual community and that I was a bully.

HERE was my response:


While I appreciate you taking the time to check out my book, I do not appreciate or deserve being accused of hate speech and being called a bully.

No, I will not be changing my book title and cover. I don’t believe in censorship. And you’re not speaking to one of your students, so please save the lecture.

My career, while also being an actress, has been about helping other actors to succeed. I did it for years as a business owner giving actors part-time/contract work. And before I started coaching professionally, I helped out my friends and actors for free and continue to do so.

Actors want to know what I know and they appreciate the help, the tips and the boost to their careers.

You should be really careful about attacking people personally and making assumptions. You made a choice to be offended. That’s on you.

And the term bully has been so overused and hijacked that it has lost its meaning. Shame on you!

My title and my book have absolutely nothing to do with the homosexual community. But you know that. Any educated adult with common sense knows that. Forgive me if I don’t jump on your looking-to-be-offended bandwagon.

It is a term that has been around since the 19th century. Did it have several meanings? Yes. And gay used to mean happy. 

You mentioned that my title says that acting is not for “you”? Are you saying you’re a sissy? Again, you’re choosing to see yourself in that.  That’s a choice. And that has nothing to do with my book or its contents.  I suggest therapy.

I live in Los Angeles, do you think I don’t have gay people in my life? My book has been endorsed and very well-received.

I had hoped to share it with your students.

While I respect your choice, I do not respect your tactics and personal attacks.

It’s incredibly disappointing that someone who teaches college-age students would be so close-minded.

My best to your students.

Break a leg!

**He of course missed the entire point and purpose of my book cover and title.

If you’re going to pursue acting (or any career in the entertainment industry) you had better be thick-skinned.

He actually needs my book*** 🙂 

Happy Monday everyone!


Happy Monday everyone!

How was everyone’s weekend? I was busy busy busy with a lot of the usual stuff.

And…I had a self-taped audition due this morning, so I had to get on that. It was the best feeling to complete it, edit and send it off to my

I’m on a bit of a hiatus to focus on my writing, but I’m always pursuing acting. Always and forever. And I’m thankful for every opportunity.

I’m focused on my goals right now, while I try to not get so wrapped up in work that I lose sight of the happenings around me.

*A good friend’s daughter gave birth to her grandson over the weekend. Yay!

*Another friend is working on a TV set today. Wa hooo

*And yet another good friend has a show opening up with some fabulous previews posted online.

I love when my friends do well! I sincerely do. I like to be around happy, healthy and successful people. It brings me UP, not down.

Not everyone is like that and certainly not every actor you will run across in LA or other places.

I talk about this topic in my book under the chapter of “Misery Loves Company”. Some people like you right where you are and I have never understood them. I see it on the daily whether in person, at auditions, class, workshops or online groups.

I should say, I understand them, they’re incredibly insecure and unhappy individuals. But I do not relate to them.

When we were young and imagining our life as an adult, did we imagine ourselves on top of the world while our friends and family members struggled? Of course not!

We imagined one big-ass party, right?!   Career triumphs, marriages, kids, successes…together!

When I daydream about that day I win the lottery (ahem), do I imagine being by myself at the spa and power shopping? No way!!

I imagine showering my friends and family with fun and presents!

So, while I wait for that winning ticket, I’ll enjoy the ride.

Let’s go!