From “ACTING…It’s Not For Sissies”


****Copyrighted material***


Thank you for taking the time to read this book which is a collection of tips, stories, perspectives, cautionary tales and my 2 cents about acting professionally.

My goal was to create a realistic, candid and no-nonsense guide for actors that would serve as a handy tool whether you’re just starting out or a professional looking for some fresh ideas.

This is not about acting technique. No Uta Hagen, Meisner, Stanislavski and the like will be discussed. This is about the business.

Those who are passionate and sincerely dedicated to acting as a career will understand and appreciate the tips and stories.

Those that are simply seeking fame and a get-rich-quick look into acting will find my candor incredibly inconvenient.

Some information may seem obvious or redundant to those savvy to “the business”, however, I believe my perspective as a working actor, acting coach, writer, producer and entrepreneur (a future book will cover that) will offer a unique and helpful perspective.

At the same time, I’m hopeful and confident that everyone in pursuit of an acting career or any career in the arts will find golden nuggets of information here that speaks to them and offers some insight, humor and a bit of security in such an insecure industry.

We must never forget that this is Show Business.

My style is very matter-of-fact with a flair for the sarcastic. Why sugarcoat things? Are there exceptions to each rule? Of course, but why waste time with isolated exceptions?

Set aside all the business realities and I must express that I adore acting. I love it. It’s a soul mate for me. I will do it my entire life. There are a lot of things I can do, do well and have enjoyed doing, but what is always at the top of the list? Acting.

There are a lot of helpful opinions, stories and perspectives out there.

These are mine.


“ACTING…It’s Not For Sissies”




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