Decisions, Decisions…Express Lane?

You’re at the grocery store and it’s that moment when you reach… The finish line.

You head towards the check-out and as you approach you scope out the competition.

Nope, not getting behind her, she has enough food to feed a small army.

You see a regular line with someone who only has a few items.

You also notice that the Express Lane is totally free and open.

Well, the obvious choice is …the Express Lane.

So, you go for it and maneuver your way over.

But did you ever notice, the moment you choose the express lane, that annoying teenage cashier decides to check his phone, have a conversation with is buddy at the next register or he/she suddenly needs a manager for something.

What the hell kiddo?!

I put a lot of energy and frankly strategy into this decision. My goal is to exit the store before the lady in that other regular line. She only had a few things for Pete’s sake!

If I’m in the Express Lane, I had better receive express service.

But no, I now look over my shoulder to the other line. You know that regular line that not long ago had a woman with only a few items.

She has since left, some has replaced her and they are now wheeling away off into the parking lot of freedom.

This is a travesty!

What happened to a work ethic? What about integrity of the system? That Express Lane sign is false advertising, thank you very much.

I worked in the service industry my whole life, since I was a teenager and I tell ya, I can’t get good service to save my life.

He finally finished the sale, looked at me with a big, goofy smile and said, “Have a nice day, Ma’am”.

Well, okay, that’s nice. Okay, Skippy, I’ll give you a pass. This time. There is some hope for these teenagers after all. A smile and a kind word goes a long way, right?!

Wait…who the hell is he calling Ma’am?

( Winkety wink )




“ACTING…It’s Not For Sissies”




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