Movies Movies, Movies

It was a very low-key Saturday and quite nice.

Treadmill, some work on the computer and then…chick flicks!

“An Affair To Remember”, “Ever After” and then I switched gears to “The Lincoln Lawyer”.

I had never seen the latter before. A pretty good flick. I watched it on TV, so I’m not quite sure if the discrepancies were due to bad TV editing or if they had trouble adapting the novel. Some nice twists, good performances and many talented and familiar faces. 2 thumbs up!

How will I close out the evening? Yes, it’s Saturday night and I have a date with the TV. What? 😉

Who knows? I may watch something real classy like vintage episodes of “Cops” .Well, that is unless I can find some episodes of “Bait Car”.

Don’t judge me.

Peace out


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