Flood Watch


Good morning! I woke up today, turned on the TV and the freaking weather service was issuing another flood watch. I realize they’re trying to get my attention with that horrible noise, but come on.

On one hand, it has been so hot lately, it’s not like the flood watch is truly cramping my style, because I wouldn’t be outside anyways.

It would be nice if all this rain would bring about cooler weather, but that is never the case. It will be disgusting, muggy and my hair will look like Chaka Kahn in the 80s.

Cha-ka Kahn, Chaka Kahn Chaka Kahn

Okay, enough of my belly aching. I can see a silver lining. Sometimes a rainy day is nature’s way of saying, slow down and take care of some things you need to take care of.




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