Happy Cmail

To those of you not in the biz, a Cmail is an email from casting with an audition invitation.

I had a definite plan for today. Run a few errands and get on the treadmill while I still had the mojo, because it was hotter than Hades today! Phew.

Well, before I could get on the treadmill, I had a Cmail for a self-tape audition. Yay!! And…it was due tomorrow. Holy Smokes!

So, I happily switched gears, did my thing, sent it to my manager and I’m here to tell the story.

I did not do the treadmill. Yet. We’ll see…maybe tomorrow?

Happy Weekend!



2 thoughts on “Happy Cmail

  1. Hurry up and wait! Hurry up and wait…but one day it will pay off. at least that’s what I tell myself! We should get an award for the people most likely to do anything for work at the drop of a hat!!!

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